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Blue Moon Musings-A post by Nikiah and Nao

Greetings friends of Moon Mysteries!

Since we/ Nao and I were both inspired by the Blue moon happening tonight we decided to co-write a blog post sharing a little bit about what we would both be doing for this full/Blue moon tonight.

This full moon is a powerful one in the sense that it is the second full moon in our calendar month, but honestly it is more exciting to us because without it there would not be 13 full moons this year and what would we do without our 13th moon?

You see wayyy back when, the 13th moon complicated things for monks trying to calculate Christian holidays and put together the first 12 month calendar. The Blue moon was always, a misfit, because it just would not fit properly and and this annoyed the pants off the monks! Continue reading “Blue Moon Musings-A post by Nikiah and Nao”

Dreaming Moon

Some weeks ago, I lead a dance workshop for 13 women who were keen to chart their dreams in relationship to the moon-cycles and their personal blood-cycles.  For 8 hours we danced our dreaming experience and it was a powerful and transformative day. 

When I came home from the workshop, I began to look at my own dreams with renewed wonder. What I discovered was fascinating, and if I am to be honest, I would have to say that the landscape of dream-cycles, blood-cycles and moon-cycles has always awed me.  I might also be so bold as to say that working with my dreams in this way is a spiritual practice for me.  The insights that come as a result astonish me.  If you are not in the habit of recording your dreams I urge you to take pen to paper first thing upon waking, and write all that you remember.  Do not judge it, just write what you hear and what you feel, even if you find that you are only left with partial fragments of images lingering after the dream is long gone.  (which is often the case)

I would like to share with you a powerful exercise for dreamwork.  The following has been very helpful for me with my personal journey in the field of dreams. It comes from Jungian psychology and has the potential to bring great insight.  

1) Record your dream first thing upon waking.  Do this by writing all that you remember.  Include every detail. Include what you like and what you do not. Write the whole thing even the parts that seem disgusting, gross or embarrassing.  This is not for anyone else, just you.

2) Once you have written your dream out fully, circle all the nouns you have written (noun= person, place or thing).  Once you have circled the nouns, write what each noun means to you.  For example, if I dreamed of a meadow, I would write adjectives that I personally associate with a meadow.  For me a meadow makes me feel: open, free, alive, soft, fresh, sweet….etc.    

3) Now, once you have done this for all the nouns, re-read your dream with the adjectives you selected in place of the nouns.  So instead of having, I dreamed I was in a meadow.  I would write, “I dreamed I was open, free, alive, soft, fresh and sweet…”

The images that come forth in dreams are a part of the very fabric of who we are.  They are a reflection of what holds meaning to us, they illuminate the un-concious.  Dreams show us the parts of our beings that remain hidden from consiousness in the waking hours.  Dreams bring the aspects of ourselves that are directly linked to soul into the light of day for us to see.  And what is even more facsinating is that this is not only true for us as individuals, but also for us as a collective.  

Carl Jung spoke a great deal about the collective unconscious and Archetypes.  Sharing dreams in circles with other women quickly reveals how connected we are through our dreams. Two of the women that attended my workshop had virtually the same dream, on the same night, when the moon was in the same astrological sign and they were at the same stage in their menstrual cycle.  Now doesn’t that make you pause in wild wonder? Our dreams reveal to us that we are part of a great web of interconnection and as the mystics have said since the very beginning, that we are one.

After you write each dream, be sure to include the day of your menstrual cycle you were on when you dreamed it.  Also, if you feel inspired, include the astrological sign the moon is in.  ( this can be found in any moon calendar, We-Moon is my favorite) You will be surprised to see how much the astrological signs affect our dreams too.  

Recently I dreamed of many fireplaces in a big beautiful house that was mine, but I didn’t recognize it. The fires all needed to be started. The wood was piled and all I needed to do was light a match.  I dreamed this when the moon was in Aries, a fire sign, a sign that represents new beginnings and transformation.  I also dreamed this when I was nearly finished bleeding at a time when my body was shedding and beginning a-new, a very trans-formative time in our cycles.  What this revealed to me is that I was in a transformational process, that I was lighting new creative fires and effortlessly.  That I was shedding the past and entering a new part of myself.  When I woke I realized that the house I was dreaming of was revealing to me that I had out-grown my old dwelling.  I saw that even though I did not fully recognize this new house (because it was bigger and more beautiful than my old) it was where I was to LIVE.   I realized that I was growing and expanding and transforming…just as the house in my dream was.

And so, I will sign off now, but not before urging you my dreaming sisters, to listen to the wisdom of your dreams. The dreamtime is a magical place. A place of great discovery, interconnection, soul healing, insight, creativity and wonder.  As women the dreamtime is directly linked to our blood, which is linked to the moon, which is linked to the infinite. And people say there is no mystery left, who are these people and when is the last time they dreamed?

Bright Blessings,


Images from Moon Mysteries now for sale!

We were thrilled when last week Eyan announced that she had figured out a way to make her images from the book available for sale from Imagekind!

If you have not had a chance to flip through the book yet, here are a few examples of her art.

This is from the Wolf Moon Chapter

And this is from the beginning of the book

This image is in Fertile Moon

These prints are stunningly beautiful and we are thrilled that they are now available to buy!

 Much love

Nao, Nikiah and Eyan

The Power of Woman

This morning, whilst rinsing luna pads in old bath water and meditating on this new day, I began to think of the magical ways in which Moon Mysteries has been supported.  It seems that Moon Mysteries is making it’s own way into the world, and the channels that it moves down are far from the male paradigms of media and marketing.  

I say this because our book has not found it’s way onto the shelves of bookstores and libraries because of strategic marketing plans. We do not have an agent or a spokesperson who we pay to represent us.  What we do have though is an amazing community of women who believe in our work, and this is, as far as I can see, even better than a fancy marketing strategy.  Moon Mysteries after all, is kitchen table wisdom.  

Last weekend my Mom and my Sister took Moon Mysteries to a village craft fair way up in the mountains of British Columbia’s interior. They placed Moon Mysteries on a table next to my Mom’s amazing home-baked Christmas cakes and my sister’s hand batiked aprons.

An old friend of the family who works for the library came to the table.  Another friend had sent her over to see the book. She picked it up, she loved it, she took it to her supervisor. Within two hours, Moon Mysteries had been accepted into the Okanagan’s Regional Library District.   When speaking to the lovely woman who made this happen she said, ” I had to do it for you girls, I am a Crone now, this is my job, to support women in becoming empowered.  This work is important, how could I not get behind it.”

A month before the craft fair my Step-Mom, (who is a food broker for healthfood stores across Canada) took Moon Mysteries and placed it in the hands of a woman who is the head of a major holistic healthfood distributor.  Moon Mysteries will now be in healthfood stores across the country, again, because of the work of Women who believe in us.

Recently we spoke to a PR woman, a lovely inspiring woman she was.  Her job is to help women in the realm of publishing get noticed.  The first question she asked is “who is your agent?  How did you manage to get your books out there?” We laughed and said, we don’t have one.  She could not believe it. 

Today, I write because we could not do this without the amazing community of women who are cheering us on.  Every one of you who has supported us, bought books, believed in us, put the word out~ Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.  It means so much.  It is after all, because of your honest and heartfelt support that so many magical things are happening.  

And beyond this, this Web of Woman is there for all of us.  It is a part of the very fabric of who we are as Women, Sisters, Mothers and Daughters.  Imagine what we can do as a collective, if we gather our strength, our courage and our radiance. Imagine the changes we could make as a global community.  Now is the time Sisters, we are the ones we have been waiting for.   

Blessings and Gratitude,



The Journey

These days, on our new acreage, I have been feeling overwhelmed with all there is to do. With all there is to get done before the winter really sets in, before the spring comes. The potential for me to become stressed is always there. Sometimes, despite my best intentions to stay calm and present, to breath deeply, I have to admit, I give into the pressure of it all.  The other day however, whilst stacking wood for many hours, I remembered something Carl Jung once said, and it had a powerful effect.  It goes like this:  “If you are on the Journey, you are at the Goal.” 

Now, doesn’t that quote just take the edge off life?  Doesn’t that bring the breath deep down into the belly, and don’t your shoulders drop six inches just considering it? Mine sure do. And you might be wondering what does this have to do with Moon Mysteries? With the blood cycle?  With the Goddess? Where in the hell is Nao going with this? Well, it goes like this, you see, Carl Jung’s wisdom got me thinking, it got me thinking about the goals I have achieved in my life, and whether or not I noticed the journey before I found myself at the goal?  That is to say, have I ever really and truly considered the beauty and signifgance of a journey, whilst I was on it? Having given this some good and proper thought, I must confess, it seems I rarely notice the journey’s magic as it is happening.  It is usually in hindsight that I recognize the beauty of a journey taken,  of a road travelled, or of an experience shared. In my humanness, I am not always present to the magnificence of the moment. I am far from the Buddhist way of being, in the compassionate now-ness of it all.


Which brings me to consider the writing of Moon Mysteries.  This, was indeed, a journey. An organic journey that took five long years, and during those years I cannot say I noticed the magic of this experience enough.  And so it is with this in mind that I would like to take a few moments now to share with you some of the truly wonderful things that happened on this journey. The journey of three women, with a vision to write and share and create.  

The first thing I want to celebrate is the wonderful tea we shared, the many pots of steamy brews we drank together.  

I want to give thanks for those cozy winter mornings when we gathered together and sat on pillows in my living room pulling tarot cards and sharing the rhythms of our cycles with one another.   Sometimes we would drum and smudge and invite ritual into our creative time’s.

Other times we would spend an hour sharing the dreams that came to us the night before.  I remember the day that Eyan called Nikiah and I in tears because of a dream she had that begged her to bring her art into the book, and I remember the magical moment when Eyan first brought those images to us, and how we nearly cried at their beauty. 


The second thing I want to celebrate is the delcious food that we ate whilst each meeting was taking place.   The baskets of salads and berries I brought in from garden, the fresh honey from the hive, the chocolate platters that Nikiah never arrived without, and the red wine that Eyan generously poured as we raised glasses over beautiful dinners, and shared the story of our days.  

We created this book the way women do the things they love.  We did it in community, we did it together, we did it sharing food and our hearts. We dropped the male paradigm of deadlines.  We pushed meetings back when kids were sick, or the bees swarmed, or we were all bleeding. We let the Goddess guide us in her organic ways, in the ways of Mother Earth, and this meant that a span of time was involved for the full fruition of the project to be come forth.  Five years it took, it was a full five year gestation before the birth.  Five springs, summers, falls and winters, and as the seasons cycled, so did we. We changed, we grew, we were sometimes wild and sometimes quite. Sometimes we got angry, sometimes we cried, sometimes we hung up the phone on one another in a fit of Pre-Moon-Madness, sometimes we sat in stillness, but no matter what, we always forgave one another, and we always laughed later.

It was indeed a journey, and one whose beauty I did not realize so much until now. Until I found myself sitting here this morning, with the goal in my hands, curled up by my woodfire, editing our book for it’s second printing.  It is only now that I look back and see that the marvelous journey that we were on these past five years to bring Moon Mysteries to the world.  It was one of profound grace and abundant magic, and this recognition, I think it calls for celebration.  

Nikiah and Eyan, it has been an honour to share this experinece with each of you. I thank you both from the very depth of my soul. I look forward to our continued journey together, but this time I shall make more of an effort to notice the magic of the journey itself.  The other thing I wish to say now,  goes out to all of the women out there who find themselves sitting in a pile of tasks, of things that need doing, of inspirations not fully formed.  I beg you, take heart, because as the wise Carl Jung once said, “if you are on the Journey, you are at the Goal.” And, the Journey sisters, it is a beautiful thing~



Moon Mysteries Red Tent Launch Party!

This past Friday evening we hosted a grand Red Tent of a launch party for Moon Mysteries! It was the most fun we have had all month and we came away wishing we could do it every full moon!

The weeks of planning meetings and shopping and preparing all for the final night that came together was like a dream, but not without the support we had our husbands, friends, and family helping every step of the way!

Now after a few days of quiet reflection, we have to say that this book launch was a very humbling experience for all of us. The number of women who came up to us sharing their stories and ideas for the book really blew us away! There was so much wisdom in the room that we were wishing that we had brought pads of paper with us to take notes of all the amazing places and things that women are taking and doing with Moon Mysteries!

The night was filled with speeches and laughter, music and singing. We sold and signed books, and raised money for a cause that is close to our hearts-The Pads4Girls program which sends  girls in Africa washable maxi pads so that they can go to school when they are on their moon time.

We were thrilled that pretty much every woman who was there bought at least one ticket and made our raffle huge success! We raised enough money to buy 10 Pads4Girls kits through Lunapads to send to Uganda with the Shanti Uganda Team!

Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket!

The final raffle Basket that we gave away was filled to the brim with wonderful goodies and we would like to take a moment to thank the businesses that helped our cause and by donating to the evenings fun!

A Big Thank you goes out to:

Surya Devi for the donation and addition her beautiful music and voice to our event!

The Granola Girl a local granola maker, for donating a big bag of her Granola and a funky t-shirt to our raffle basket.

Polosur Wine, for not only donating to our gift basket but also for giving us the amazing price on the evenings wine enjoyed by all.

Zazubean Organic Chocolate for donating several boxes of their Lunatic bars and all of the chocolate we had on our fruit platters.

Isabelle from Namasthe who came with a huge carafe and several boxes of tea so that those of us who were teetotalers could enjoy the evening with a hot beverage.

Ariel Canfield Pavic who donated a pot of organic Shea butter cream by Norwex for the raffle basket.

Lunapads for donating a $25 gift certificate to the raffle basket and for graciously allowing us to transform their work space into a red tent for the evening!

Shanti Uganda for donating a beautiful handmade shoulder bag to the raffle basket.

Jill at Mama Goddess Birth Shop Canada for donating a yummy beeswax candle to the raffle basket.

Honey Grove Farm for the large pot of their delicious honey to the raffle basket.

Red Moon Designs for the moon charm necklace.

All in all the night was a huge success!

If you are interested in helping us to support menstrual empowerment it is super simple! Look for us in your local book stores, and if we are not there ask them for it! This is a word of mouth movement ladies and  who better to get the movement going then you!

Lets make menstruation, something that half the world does, the norm in conversation, in book stores, and health food stores, and with our girls!

Moon Light

Painting by Peter Nixon

Oh the moon.  Last night it made me want to howl when I saw it almost falling out of the sky into a farmer’s field, three days past full.  What is it about the moon when it hangs, like an over-ripe fruit, heavy and orange, that threatens to take your breath away?  These past few nights, the moon has been so bright that I can see my shadow on the grass when I am outside below it. When I wake in the night I sometimes think that there is a carnival outside my window and a spotlight shining down.  Two nights ago, on the moon’s fullest eve, I went outside barefoot in my nightgown, because I thought Mark had forgotten to turn the outside light off, but all I found was a shimmering moon and a sky full of stars.

Painting by Samuel Palmer

After 10 years of living in the city, I forgot what the night sky looks like when there is no other light keeping the sky bright aside from the moon and the stars.  Many studies have shown that when women are away from light pollution their blood cycles quickly synch up with the rhythms of the cycling moon, and I have always found this fascinating.  The correlation between our cycling bodies and that of the moon.  

As I begin my blood now, on a full moon, I have to acknowledge my own body’s response to unobstructed moonlight.  I will be sure to keep you posted with regard to the changes that I note as I chart my cycle with the country moon.  I wonder, what patterns you notice when you bleed on a full moon verses a new moon? Can you say? Have you considered it? I highly recommend it, if you have not, it is a rich territory to wander through.

Over the years I have noticed that when my blood comes on a full moon, I feel wilder and more intense. If I have feelings of anger that I have suppressed over the course of the month, they rise, hot and fierce.  My husband is well aware of this.  It seems that he too has become familiar with my patterns.  He knows not to take me personally when I am bleeding under a full moon…well sometimes.  I also notice that when I bleed on full moons my blood flows more and my periods can be heavier compared to new moon bleeding.  New moon bleeding is usually a little lighter and has me feeling inward, quiet, reflective.  

Yes, indeed, it is a truly remarkable thing.  I never tire of watching the moon or noticing her effects on me.  I have great respect for that glowing orb, and tonight I may go out and tell her myself.  

Moon Blessings To You~



Giving Thanks, and giving yourself permission!

For woman here in Canada, the upcoming long week-end is Thanksgiving, and for many it will be spent with family and friends. Many of us may traveling, or even hosting this year and planning to do a whole lot of cooking, while others may be spending it alone. Whatever your plans are for this long week-end, we would like to suggest that you throw a little self care into some of your recipes!

Regardless of where we are in our cycle, every woman needs a little self care, although when we are close to, and during our bleeding times, we need a lot more if it!

Since Moon Mysteries came out and more and more women are having the opportunity to read it we are hearing that some of their favorite aspects was the suggestion to give themselves full permission to take time away from family and responsibilities if only for an hour or two!

Honoring your moon cycle and taking time for self care need not be complicated, it can be as simple as having a bath with some special oils in it, or deciding to have a a cup of tea and to drink it without getting up to do anything for anyone else! Try going to a room in the house where there are no distractions except perhaps your book, or a magazine you want to read, and then sit down and drink your entire cup of tea without getting up, ignore the phone and allow your body to relax. You may notice the first time you try this that it is actually harder then it looks, but that is ok, just try again! This is the kind of assignment that is fun to practice!

Taking time out gets harder as we move into any kind of family situation and gathering as there is often all sorts of other factors at play. But usually these types of holidays are the ones we need to care of ourselves the most. For example by the time we get to the Thanksgiving long week-end we are usually exhausted from the business of September, more so, if we have kids! Many of us really look forward to the time off because we really need it, but dread the dynamics that usually play out when family gathers.                                                        Whatever your reality is this Thanksgiving year there really is so much to be grateful for, and if we can keep this in mind it really helps. If we manage to take it one step further and give ourselves full permission to be in our bodies accepting of where they are at in our cycle, this can also take a lot of the stress off ourselves. If you are in your Pre moon time and feeling cranky–allow yourself to be cranky and announce to your family that you need a “Time-out”! Take a walk, or grab a cup of tea and get out of the main living area where everyone gathers and catch some alone time!

If you are bleeding and feeling crampy, give yourself permission for a deeply relaxing and hot bath, this actually soothes and eases menstrual cramps, if you take in a cup of raspberry leaf tea with you, all the better!

It is easy to make a simple bath sacred.

Here is our special recipe for self care

1 pinch of self forgiveness

a dash of permission

2 shakes of self love

a handful of good books

2-3 cups of tea

1 long drawn out bath filled with any of the following:

Bath salts, lavender, rose petals, essential oils.

Soak for as long as needed, and then present to the world!

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